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Bhadra Collective

Bhadra Collective AlbumBhadra Collective Album

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Like a lotus blossom on a misty summer morning, the Bhadra Collective is something fresh and new. It uses a fusion of modern world-beat grooves and melodies built around repetitive chants from a variety of cultures to create its unique sound. This results in ‘trippy’, multi-cultural music that is mesmerizing, funky and very danceable. The Bhadra Collective’s music will sooth the soul, rock the house and leave you grinning.

The Bhadra Collective consists of seasoned musicians who found each other because of a mutual interest in chant music. It is a collective of Toronto musicians representing a variety of cultures. We have members from African, First Nations Canadian, Palestinian, East Indian, Australian, and Eurpoean traditions. Bhadra performances can vary according to budget and venue. The band can be as small as 5 pieces or as large as 10 pieces, and can include instruments such as didgeridoo, dilruba, tampura, trumpet/flugelhorn and doumbek, as well as the more typical bass, guitars, keys and drums.

Dennis Gaumond is the Bhadra Collective’s founding member. Singing lead vocals, playing an unorthodox brand of slide guitar, flute and strangely tuned harmonicas, Gaumond draws on a lifetime of professional musical experience, as well as a love for exotic music from all cultures. He has played in many professional bands for the past thirty years and has released two CDs under the name, Dennis Gomo.
Please visit - www.home.golden.net/dgomo

Dennis is also a ‘sound healer’ who has presented ‘Sacred Sound Workshops’ and seminars across Canada. These events include mantra, overtone singing, crystal bowls, chanting, drumming and more. He is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Sound Practitioners. As the founder of the Guelph Chant Club, the Waterloo Chant Club and someone who has presented this new style of music across the country, he has developed a sound that resulted from a melding of world-beat music and spiritual chanting.


A Bhadra performance is an interactive event as well as a display of superb musicianship. The nature of chant music is such that everyone has the opportunity to participate – to sing along with the repeated phrases. The difference is that Bhadra music, unlike most chant-based music, is also immensely danceable. Built upon punchy, exotic grooves, this music induces a euphoric party for both the soul and the body.

No two Bhadra concerts are alike. There are always different guests and room for spontaneous expression. Some will feature dancers, projected imagery or other media.

In conjunction with the release of it’s latest CD, ‘Soon Come Shekinah’, the Bhadra Collective is performing concerts in several cities. These events, in the spirit of the new CD, will be celebrations of ‘the Return of the Goddess’.

We are entering a new era when the feminine energies, which have been largely marginalized over the past several millennia, are returning to a place of respect and power. These energies are bringing balance to a world that is facing many challenges. As we enter a time of enormous change, our greatest challenge will be to embrace this new energy of compassion as we become aware of the great power that is inherent in human consciousness. These Bhadra events are an opportunity to celebrate - to honor the Goddess as she comes bearing gifts of hope and love.

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