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Hi, welcome to my website Why Is Life?.

Life is such a wonderful, magical, and beautiful mystery. Probably the greatest question that has ever confronted mankind is why? Why Is Life? It is just a question to which, as of yet, there is no definitive answer. Perhaps this web-site and the books it represents can bring us closer to an answer, or maybe a better understanding of the question. If it does neither of these, then hopefully it will provide a fascinating and entertaining ride through some new and delightfully scenic terrain.

Bon Voyage
Peace and Love,
Dennis Gaummond

Dennis Gaummond

     We are in the midst of a big revolution. Some of us are aware of it and some of us are not, because this is not a loud revolution. It has nothing to do with bearing arms and toppling governments. This is a quiet revolution - one that has taken root and is growing all over the world. It’s like an underground movement, one that is spreading in a grass-roots way.

     This revolution has to do with a new way of thinking – a new way of understanding our universe. It comes as a result of a melding of the latest scientific perspectives and those of mystical traditions ancient and new. It involves a new grasp of reality, or more accurately, a way of seeing past our everyday, physical reality to the reality that lies beneath. This new revolution is an understanding that moves beyond our five senses, that defies our common sense perceptions of how things work. With this new comprehension of ‘how things work’ comes a new perception of the problems that face humanity and a new brand of solution to those problems.

     The revolution, the new underground movement started about a hundred years ago, when Einstein and other scientists showed us that the reality that we thought we knew was actually a type of illusion. What we thought was solid matter was actually a manifestation of energy – E = mc 2. Over the past hundred years the new science has shattered our common sense notions of time, gravity, space and of the ways in which all things interact. Ironically, more and more people began to see the similarities with what mystics have been saying for thousands of years. Spearheaded by an ever-expanding group of eminent scientists and spiritualists, the movement began to grow. It has gained much momentum, especially in the last two decades. It’s really very exciting.

     The new revolution is an important development. With it comes a new understanding of life’s mysteries. With it comes a new understanding of the evolution of mankind’s consciousness and the realization that, in the distant past we had a better grasp of certain aspects of reality than we do now. With that realization comes an understanding of why the ancients did what they did - wrote what they wrote.

     The quiet revolution involves perceiving all of creation in terms of different manifestations of energy. Every single thing that exists in the physical universe can be thought of in terms of energy vibrating at different frequencies. In fact, even the non-physical aspects of creation can be thought of in terms of vibrating energy. What defines them as ‘non-physical’ is that they are vibrating at rates that are beyond the perceptive capacity of our five senses.

     The quiet revolution sees the grand Game of creation as an evolution of energy, from its simplest, densest forms to its subtlest, most complex forms. It is a process whereby energy gets to ‘experience’ all that there is to experience. That part of the grand Game that we call ‘life’, for the most part, involves experiences that are specific to the physical plane – to that spectrum of frequencies that make up the physical universe.

     To understand things in this new way is to arrive at new definitions of humanity, new definitions of God, angels and extra-terrestrials. It leads to a better understanding of illness and healing, of suffering and death, of enlightenment, of the laws of cause and effect, of physical laws and the ways that energy likes to behave. Most importantly, it leads to a better understanding of the ways that humans behave. Really, the quiet revolution brings with it new definitions of just about everything.

     So, how does one begin to get a grasp of this new way of thinking? How does one begin to understand the implications of this new way of thinking? How does one begin to see many aspects of life in a new light? One could spend years reading through some very weighty and tedious books or plough through the many web-sites listed on the ‘links’ page. Or, one could read ‘Why Is Life?’. This book offers a shortcut. It is a synopsis of a wide variety of related topics from a wide variety of sources. It is like a demystifying or translation of material that can be very dense and laborious into easy-to-understand layman’s language. Accompanied by commentary from the author, the information in this book offers an explanation of the revolutionary new way of thinking, from both scientific and mystical perspectives.

     In this web-site and in the book 'Why Is Life?' you will find useful information about many of life's mysteries. You will gain a new understanding of them in terms of the evolution of energy and the grand Game of creation. Here are some of the topics covered:


- Enlightenment; what is it? how does one achieve it? where does it lead?

- Modern physics, including Einstein's theories, quantum mechanics and string theory; an easy to understand layman's explanation.

- A synopsis of the world's leading mystical traditions, including the major religions, shamanism, the mystery schools, the Qabala, the Tantra and more.

- What do the mystical traditions and modern physics have to tell us about the true nature of our reality?

- What is consciousness? Is it energy? Is it the source of all things?

- There is so much talk nowadays about the incredible changes facing the planet and its residents. These changes, sometimes called the 'Big Shift' are said to be imminent. What does it mean? What do the prophets old and new say about this? What does science have to say?

- A variety of unorthodox views on human origins, including new theories of evolution, a complete synopsis of information about Atlantis, Lemuria and other ancient civilizations, etc.

- A discussion of the various theories claiming that we have interacted with extra-terrestrial life forms in our past and continue to do so in the present.

- A look at enigmatic archaeological discoveries that completely defy our ability to explain in terms of our most widely held beliefs, including:

                 - fossilized footprints, ancient maps and machinery, etc.
                 - incredible knowledge recorded by ancient peoples like
                    the Mayans, Sumerians, etc.
                 - the many mysterious stone structures around the
                   world, such as Stonehenge, the Sphinx, the assorted
                   pyramids, the Nazca lines, the Inca, Aztec and Mayan

- The Great Pyramid is probably the most enigmatic structure on the planet. What is it? Who built it? Why, when and how was it built? 'Why Is Life?' contains a thorough synopsis of the various theories that try to answer these questions.

- Modern mysteries, such as the enigmatic crop circles, the face and pyramids on Mars, UFOs, abductions, etc. Is someone trying to tell us something?

- An examination of the Bible; who wrote it and why? Is the Bible serving us or holding us back? How did the powerful organized religions, particularly Christianity, Judaism and Islam, come to be? Who was Jesus? Are we being duped? Thanks to recent discoveries like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hamadi Library, there is a great deal of new information concerning these questions and 'Why Is Life?' presents the essence of it.

- Sex is probably the world's favorite topic. There is much to suggest that sex is one of our greatest gifts. What are the mysteries of sex? What is 'sacred sex' and 'sex magic? Why has it been vilified and forbidden by the power structures of the past. Why are our attitudes toward it so unhealthy?

- There is much talk these days about the 'return of the goddess'. What does this mean?

    For more detailed descriptions of what to expect in 'Why Is Life?', see Overview, Summaries and Contents in the'Whyislife'page.