Why is life, book of enlightenment by Dennis Gaumond in Guelph Ontario, whose works include Chant Magic and Attracting Abundance. WhyIsLife discusses Enlightenment, sound healing, divine energy, life's mysteries, modern physics, mystical traditions, human behavior, sex and the bible, chanting, overtone singing, mantra, consciousness, mysticism, who are we, the big shift, the ascension, questioning the paradigms, sacred geometry, sacred numbers, sacred sound, tantric sex, return of the goddess, inherent divinity, metaphysics, spirituality, quantum physics and metaphysics, Atlantis, the great pyramid, prophecies, cosmic cycles, earth changes, earth school, chakras and the tree of life, and alternative history. This is Why Is Life by Dennis Gaumond in Guelph Ontario.

The path to enlightenment, the healing process, involves a big shift in consciousness. This process of enlightenment is happening to all of mankind, it's called the Big Shift. It's part of a cosmic cycle, which is bringing many earthchanges. At the same time we are healing. We are remembering about sacred geometry, sacred numbers, sacred sex (Tantric sex) and the healing power of sacred sound. Many sound healing devices are coming to our attention. We are using the power of mantra to raise our vibrational quotient. We are using chant to raise our vibrational quotient. We are remembering about the Law of Attraction. We are attracting abundance. We are using the magic of mantra and chant to raise our vibrational quotient to assist us on our path to enlightenment. Our consciousness is changing,something that is being called the return of the goddess. This means our consciousness is becoming more aware of the metaphysical aspects of creation. The return of the goddess means we are more aware of the goings on, acquiring more alternative information. The kind of information not readily served up to us, this is what is called alternative information. Sacred sex, sex magic, sacred geometry, sacred numbers, sacred sound, the big shift, these are all forms of alternative information. The big shift has to do with cosmic cycles causing the vibrational quotient of the entire planet to raise. This affects each of us, it affects our healing, our progress to enlightenment. Sound healing, using sacred sound to raise our vibrational quotient, is a path that appeals to me. Sacred sound and the law of attraction go hand in hand. When we are using chant and mantra we are attracting abundance. Chant and mantra have a magic power.This magic is the equivalent of the law of attraction. With our consciousness, facilitated by chant and mantra, we are attracting abundance, we are healing, we are moving toward enlightenment. Dennis Gaumond and WhyIsLife? in Guelph Ontario.


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